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A Story From America Essay Example For Students

A Story From America Essay A Story From AmericaAugust 14th 1960, I was working late at the office that night. It was like one of those nights that gives you shiver, when you think about them. The cold air was tickling me in the neck, when it slowly blowed into the room from the open window. The lights from the street made me so annoyed that I hartly could find and read the papers I was looking for. Finally I found them, they were hiding in my personal archive of cases connected with murder. My attention suddenly breaks when my secretary, a young talented woman with many unusual skills, approaches the office. She always talks, normaly I just pretend to listen, but this time I could feel something was different. She had an idea, maybe she had found a clue, in the case which had gone on my nerves for the last three weeks. Cooper !, she manages to pronounce before she throws some papers on my desk. Do you remember, when we were investigating Mrs Alphers apartment ?. Yes, what is it ? I say, trying to find out whats on her mind. You see, until now we havent found anyone that possibly could have gone into Mrs Alphers apartment, without anyone noticing him or her. Youve got a point there, I responded, what was on her mind ? That blue dress certainly showed her fine curves, actually I coundnt get her of my mind most of the time. Well, her apartment lies on the corner of Main Street and Baker Street, therere three windows, one on Baker St. and one Main St. plus one in the middle . That night Mrs Alpher was shot, it was very warm, and if she then had a window open. A person could have shot her in hers apartment, from his or hers own window, she looked satisfied after finishing her composing. So what youre trying to say, is that we maybe could find the murder in one of the apartments opposite Mrs Alphers windows. The idea wasnt bad at all I thoungt, she opened the new cupboard to get some files. OK. well go over to her apartment right away. It was quite strange to enter the apartment, it had an unusual structure, but also it had a certain charm with its three windows in the end of the living room. I tryed to picture what had been going on that evening Mrs Alpher was shot. First she had come home after a dinner with her lover, to relax herself she starts to change her clothes. Then she opens the windows because of the heat, the murder is sitting in his or hers window frame, waiting for Mrs Alpher to stand in the right spot where he or she can fire the gun. No one will notice the shot, because of loud noise the trafic usualy makes. The pieces finally bagan to fit, now there was only one thing left to do, cross-examine those with windows opposide Mrs Alphers apartment. Luckily there were only three real suspects, Mr Appleton, Mrs Sherly and Mr Edwoods, my secretary and I went out to find the murder. Mr Appleton 33 years old, lives opposide Mrs Alphers apartment on Baker Street. Has a good point of view to the apartment, and have permission to carry a gun. He was alone home watching television the night of the murder. Mrs Sherly 25 years old, lives opposide Mrs Alphers apartment on Main Street. Do not have a good point of view, but have been jealous of Mrs Alpher, because of her new lover (according to other close friends). She was home, but was sleeping at the time of the murder. .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 , .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .postImageUrl , .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 , .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:hover , .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:visited , .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:active { border:0!important; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:active , .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817 .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ud99b847646db10983536267857605817:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Human Rights In Islam EssayMr Edwoods 34 years old, lives nextdoor to Mrs Sherly. Has a good point of view to all three windows, but wasnt home at the time of the killing. After hearing all three alibis, I sat down trying to find out who had the best reason for killing Mrs Alpher. Mr Appleton was apparently the headsuspect, because he had permission to carry a gun. But all murders didnt always have permission to carry guns, so Mrs Sherly with her jealousy was also a headsuspect. Mr Edwoods whom said he wasnt home at the time of the killing, has the best point of view to the apartment, also he could have do it, if he was lieing. Suddenly the phone starts ringing, I pick up the receiver hoping something incredible had happened. Its the downtown policedepartment, Agent Cooper ? One of your suspects was confessed the murder of Mrs Alpher. I went down to the police department right away, but who could it be ?To my surprise, I saw Mr Edwoods standing at the counter. He looked confused, also he couldnt look me in the eye. Mr Edwoods ?, I couldnt complete what I was about to say, when he cryed out It was me, yes I admit it, it was me who killed that crazy woma n.But why Mr Edwoods ? Why did you kill a woman you hardly knew ?, I couldnt stan her, she was a bitch ! he said with conviction in his voice. Well Mr Edwoods, why dont you tell me what had happened , ok. Ill better do that. I lean back in my chair, and started listening. For a long time I had been following Mr Alpher, I dreamt every night of her and then she finds this lover. He stoped talking for a moment, so I asked him with no consideration But why didnt you at least talk to her ? You see, I wasnt the kind of man she wanted, he looked up with tears in his eyes. The only way out I could find was to abolish the lover, but at the time I was going to kill, I couldnt see the difference between her and him. I didnt mean to kill Mr Alpher, it was a mistake, a terrible mistake. But Im the one how shall be punished, and Ive got nothing more to say. His face was all white, so I asked him to take it easy. Few minutes alter a policeman came to collect Mr Edwoods, I saw him being taken away with handcuffs on his back. I needed a rest, and the only place I knew where I could rest, was at the Johnsons Hotel. Maybe I should call my secretary ? No, she already knew what had happened. I opened the door to the hotel lobby, two women were sitting down in the white chairs, maybe waiting ? Or just relaxing themselves. One of them, was reading a book. She also had the same blue dress as my secretary, no another mistake, the dress wasnt quite the same. But anyway, I wasnt here to look at women, but to relax myself. It was not very warm in the hotel lobby, so I keept my coat on. There were no to see behind the counter, but I was patient. Suddenly a man runs into the lobby, he stops infront of on of the ladies. When he takes his coat off his arm, I can see he holds a shotgun in his hand. Im paralysed for a few seconds, then he fires the shotgun, and runs out of the backdoor. Just when Im about to rest, something always happens. I start running alter him.

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Human Resource Management in Tesco

Question: Discuss about the Human Resource Management in Tesco. Answer: Findings and Analysis Purpose and Functions of HRM in Workplace Planning and Resourcing Tesco Company Human resource planning refers to the method that determines the modern-day and destiny human resource control of a company to meet the centered goals and objectives. The administrative center planning needs to serve the hyperlink between the holistic strategic plan and HRM of an employer. For instance in Tesco have hired a big wide variety of employees who maximum of them are aging employee populations. The developing demands for qualified personnel have underscored the imperative of powerful human resource making plans. Then again, place of business making plans refers to the process wherein a substantial effort to estimate the call for hard work and determine the dimensions, nature, and foundation of supply which will be to achieve the dreams. In our case, Tesco has generated a corporation logo, retention approach, deficiency control method, expertise management method, and selection approach(Treven, 2013). Tesco organization has now not best defined the strategies to be completed within a given duration however additionally the numbers and types of human sources to be required to perform the agencys dreams. It's also obtrusive that Tesco makes use of competency-based total management that supports the mixing of human sources making plans with firm planning by way of permitting Tesco to get admission to the new HR potential required to achieve the imaginative and prescient, project and Tesco goal and desires. Tesco organization ensures complete implementation of the centered human useful resource tactics, plans and packages to address career, staff, and management gaps. Those tactics are monitored and assessed on an everyday basis to make sure they have a coherent movement closer to accomplishing the favored path. Tesco has additionally ensured that thru its HR making plans is the continued system of systematic making plans to benefit the pleasant use of the firms most valuable asset. The employer has additionally guaranteed the conformity between the employees and job at the same time as eschewing each shortage of personnel and spares. Tesco evaluates gap analysis as the major step to determine the modern-day and future objectives(Lai, 2012). The enterprise identifies the workers count number, and the competencies assessment and examine it to what is going to be required to reap the commercial businesss goals. Tesco equally, assesses the cutting-edge HR practices and pick out the necessi ties are useful and what is missing that can assist to reap the enterprises goals. The company applies equipment and technologies to achieve its desires and goals, in particular on the strategic making plans. These strategies range from social media, guidelines and control data systems. For example, Tesco uses management statistics systems to help the activities of corporation management. They have individual names with diverse functions referred to as human resource control systems. The company makes use of them to help in facts control, a cost administration and inquiries, hiring and team appointment and payroll control (Fowler, 2015). Tesco implements workplace planning and resourcing via the use of gear and rules which might be centered not best for selecting and schooling personnel however also checking their behavior outdoor the place of business and various elements of being employed inside the employer. As an example, within Tesco business enterprise, social media policy deliver a limelight on how a worker must behave on private accounts as a representative in their workplace. The corporation has applied an equal employment opportunity rules; employees have classified in keeping with specs and competency, excursion plans, performance opinions and income increases, and termination regulations. Tesco develops HR approaches to support the strategies of the company. The company uses various human resource strategies that ensure hitting the firms goals. Restructuring workplace planning strategies- the company uses this strategy to reduce the personnel, regrouping tasks to create well-designed jobs, and reorganizing work groups to obtain more companys yields. Training and development workplace planning strategy- the company, give her employees the training and development opportunity to match new roles in the firm. Recruitment workplace planning and resourcing- Tesco ensure all new staffs go through recruitment that acquires them the skills the company requires current and in future: d) outsourcing workplace planning strategy- this involves outreaching the external personnel and other firms to complete certain responsibilities (Mesner-Andols?ek, 2015). How HRM provide Talent and Skills appropriate to fulfill Tesco objectives Tesco has used the term human capital which refers to all staffs in the company. The human resource experts in the Tesco have helped the firms central objectives by leveraging the combined talents of workers and skills so that all goals can be achieved. Tescos managers can experiment with performance management strategies, by ensuring effective HR practices to motivate employees and retaining their loyalty (Hurst J, 2010). So the importance of the HRM in Tesco Company can be evaluated at three facets: organizational level, professional importance, social and national importance. a) Corporate level. Tesco has completeditsfavoredgoalsandtargetsbestwith the aid ofusingreadyandprofessionalgroup of workers. The HRM has ensured all both talented and experienced personnel has a place in the company. The company has applied various ways among them include: stimulating, signing, attracting, picking and maintaining the talented and competent recruiters and staffs. Through HRM practices such as HR planning, recruitment, selection, and career development policies has enabled to reach importance o0f organizational level (Shutler Storbeck, 2012). Similarly, increasing the employees retention by protecting their cooperation and commitment though employees participation in management motivation education, and standard collective bargaining. Finally, the talented and skilled labor boosts in increasing the productivity and holistic companys performance and growth. b) Professional importance. Tesco has managed to improve the quality of work life, and the HRM allows the team work through providing them healthy, motivational and conducive working environment. The company has maintained professional importance via keeping a healthy relationship between departments and individuals, proper job specification and description, employing the worker's engagement programs within the organization, and giving benefits and bonuses to people to boost their satisfaction and involvement (Wright, 2009). c) Social importance. The company has maintained effective human resource policies for the society as a whole. Tesco has drawn social significance to improve the dignity of the workforce so as to meet the objectives. Tesco Company has provided various employment to those who will match their social, mental and emotional satisfaction. The company has effective human resource planning to maintain the demand and supply of workforce or balancing the available job opportunities and the prospective workers concerning qualifications, skills, and talents. Equally, Tesco through HRM has helped in minimizing the wastage of human workforce by preserving their skills and know-how via implementing wastage analysis process (Peljhan T, 2014). Strengths and Weaknesses Recruitment and Selection Recruitment refers to the procedure whereby a firm proactively seeks out people to fit process vacancies. It is miles achieved with the purpose of growing the best and amount of programs for the job. Choice, then again, then consists of the methods involved in deciding on from candidates the excellent candidate to healthy the vacant. As an instance, Tesco has followed the spirit of engaging it candidates in education that incorporate a number techniques involved in ensuring that those already inside the process have every proper abilities, knowledge, and attitudes had to the business enterprise to accomplish its objectives. Tesco has affected recruitment and choice with the aid of internally or externally recruiting a man or woman from out of doors. Numerous benefits of recruitments may accumulate. Recruitment considers savings which translate that humans with the essential know-how of ways a company operates will require shorter intervals of education and time. The Tesco organizatio n has used recruitment in inner merchandising to all staff to work harder inside the employer. Recruitment makes it feasible draw upon a much broader range of talent and affords the opportunity to carry new revel in and theories into the organization (Prickett, 2014). Effective recruitment and selection processes are vibrant in attracting and maintaining high profile staff. Tesco has used both methods selectively in the activities in the human resources. In additional they are set of events and processes that pinpoint qualified individuals for open job vacancies within Tesco Company. Tesco has outstanding human resource managers who ensure active development of training to the managers in providing performance appraisal process. Regarding that, managers in this company provide employees have knowledge about the expectation of the requirements of the job. About this, it gives an importance of recruitment and selection process being imperative in performance levels. The most appropriate Tescos HRM system involve creating value and achievement, development reward and motivation, maintenance of companys human resources. The systems may include job analysis, workplace planning, recruitment of employees, selection of workers performance appraisals, and HR development (French, 2011). However, recruitment and selection may have a few unfavorable. Each can be said to be highly-priced. Tesco organization can also result to someone who proves to be less efficient in practice than they did on paper and inside the interview scenario (Marterella, 2009). Recommendations of Tesco Company a) Formulating an exhaustive and thorough recruitment and selection process is imperative to make sure the right individuals are employed, effectiveness and efficacy reached, and overall companys goals and objectives met. b) Tesco Company should work towards hiring people with high profile personal philosophy, meet job requirements, and fit in the firms culture. The company will have reduced illegal hiring and turnover rates. c) Tesco should outline workplace planning strategies which include business objectives job diversity, and methods for recruiting and selecting applicants. d) Tesco Company should seek to have international human resource management planning to remain in the global market. e) The company should on a regular basis review the HR objectivity mission statement to update the fact the HR functions existence and its values. f) Tesco should build an HR management information system so as to observe and refresh the HR always. g) The company should review the results of the performance appraisal and should communicate the outcome with staffs to assure actual position. Equally, feedback should not delay to the workers. References Fowler, A. (2015). Asian labour update. The Earthscan reader on NGO management, 12(3), 455-487. French, W. (2011). How To Recruit Excellent People-HRM. People Management, 45(3), 254. Hurst, J., J, M. (2010). Performance Measurement and Performance Management. OECD Publishing, 21(5), 34-45. Lai, T. M. (2012). Human resource management. Asian labour update, 23-27. Marterella, J. (2009). The Eight Critical Success factors of a High Performance Sales and Marketing Organization. Lincoln Consulting LLC, 31(3), 1-6. Mesner-Andols?ek, D. (2015). Knowledge management through a human resource management perspective. Changes in society, changes in organizations, and the changing role of HRM, 9(1), 54-57. Peljhan, D., T, M. (2014). Dynamics between control management and strategy . Performance measurement and management, 50-62. Prickett, R. (2014). Recruiters Fail to Check CV Qualification Claims. People Management, 1(1), 13. Shutler, Storbeck. (2012). Performance Mnagement. Journal of the Operational Research Society,, 352-412. Treven, S. (2013). Human resource management as a key factor for the success of the company . Management zwischen Krise und Erfolg, 566-572. Wright, P. M. (2009). Requisitely holistic development methods for improving human resource performance. International journal of human resource management, 13(3), 543-623.

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Women Did Not Have An Easy Life During The American Colonial Period. B

Women did not have an easy life during the American Colonial period. Before a woman reached 25 years of age, she was expected to be married with at least one child. Most, if not all, domestic tasks were performed by women, and most domestic goods and food were prepared and created by women. Women performed these tasks without having any legal acknowledgment. Although women had to endure many hardships, their legal and personal lives were becoming less restricted, although the change was occurring at a snail's pace. Life for the colonial woman was a mix of imprisonment and freedom in their marriages, homes, and in the American Colonial legal system. Women who chose to come to the American Colonies had a 100 percent chance of finding a husband. Women outnumbered men almost six to one. Any woman could be choosy when finding a husband, for countless men tried to woo her into marriage. Because women could choose their husbands, they could marry those men who would give her the most benefits. A woman did not have to marry a man who would treat her poorly. In most New England colonies, a woman could sue her husband for a divorce if her treated her without respect and abused or neglected her. Although women had the legal privilege to divorce a bad husband, she did not have any legal rights under the law. As soon as she married her husband, she lost all legal existence. For a woman to have any place in the legal system it was better to remain single. Single women, or Feme Sole had more legal rights than a married woman. She could own property, retain control of her earnings, and sign contracts. Feme Sole was a better legal status, but i t was a socially unacceptable status. Unmarried women were looked down upon as being infertile. Women could either marry, have children, and loose all legal rights or remain single, bear no children (or have children out of wedlock), and retain her own independent legal status. A woman had a busy domestic life. A woman played the role of wife, mother, teacher and manager. She had to please her husband, bear and raise children, educate her children, and manage all daily household activities. In the home, the woman was the jack of all trades. Part of the role of the female was to take raw goods, and turn them into useful items, such as food, candles, and clothing. Women had to clean, butcher and prepare all game brought home to the family. A woman was a household factory. Many items in the home were created by women. All clothing was made by spinning, weaving and stitching. All cloth was washed by hand without the aid of any machines. Candles were made at home by weaving a wick and pouring hot wax into a mold. A woman had to be educated enough to teach her sons and daughters the skills of life. Women spent the majority of their time performing daily tasks, but still were able to have leisure activities such as painting, embroidery, and charity work. Women had very few legal rights. In the majority of colonies, women had no legal control over their lives. It was the consensus among society that a female was best represented by her father, brothers, and husbands. A woman could only own property if there was no men in her private life. If she was married, a woman's husband held claim over her property due to the Feme Covert laws. Single women had more legal rights, but were looked down upon by society. Widowhood offered the opportunities of the single woman to a once married woman. The widow was able to take over her husband's business, trade and property. Many widows ran farms and plantations, became shopkeepers, merchants, blacksmiths and tavern owners. Some women ran schools within her home. Other women were paid money to quarter prisoners in their homes. Married women's rights were legally limited, but her rights in the home depended on her husband. Women were treated as property, and her husband's attitude on his wife's role i n the home decided her rights. A man who believed women were separate (but equal) to men

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3 Essays - Motivation, Cognitive Biases, Articles, Locus Of Control

3 Essays - Motivation, Cognitive Biases, Articles, Locus Of Control Module 8: self-reflection assignment Student's name Institution affiliation Instructor's name Course Date of submission I answered about 25 questions, and 14 of them showed that I am temperamental. I express anger through remaining silent and having sleepless nights. Have found that keeping temper to myself have negatively affected my life , thus making me to have negative thoughts towards every situation I come across in my life . After thorough assessment I found that my moods could easily change any time am annoyed, this has been making me isolate myself from my friends. After assessing, my locus of control, have lost most of my friends due to my behaviors which they have found hard to cope with in my life. To mitigate the issue, I will be keeping myself busy with ot her activities when I am annoyed. I will also avoid engaging myself in activities that may negatively change my mood. Have also decided that I will be going away from the annoying site and rejecting the causes of anger immediately after they occur to stop thinking about them. This will ensure that I have peace of m ind and would be able to remember the past. I have also decided that will involve someone in my life who understands me better to avoid loneliness which has brought negative influence in my life. After conducting locus control tests, I found out that I subscribe to external locus control where external factors such as rewards and punishments control my behaviors as opposed to internal locus controls where I should innately regulate by behavior without relying on rewards and punishments. But this tendency of building on external factors for behavior alteration has affected me both positively and negatively. When I do something good, and people or the authority appreciates me, I am happy and likely to practice the same behavior in the future. Also, I like spending a huge part of my time with friends and relatives who appreciate and reward me. However, if the opposite happens, I am in great trouble. For instance, if I stay with people who discourage by behavior and punish me occasionally, I suffer psychological problems and feel at the wrong place , this makes me have negative thoughts about myself . This behavior of wanting to be appreciated every time I do some thing good in my life has brought negative influence in my life because most of the people around me are not always happy with my behaviors making me stay lonely most of the time . Every time I do something, and there is no reward my moods changes, making me feel unwanted in society. I always think that it's a must for people to appreciate my efforts. In my academics, this has caused me to lower my self-esteem because teachers do not reward my shots when I perform better in exams. This behavior has impacted my life negatively making friends to distance themselves from me. Having internal locus of control plays critical role in one's life. It helps in managing different situations in life despite their influence in life. The strength of internal locus is that such people are not discouraged by negative comments or lack of appreciation. Forces of internal locus of control also enable someone to take all responsibilities that may arise in life despite caring whether they have a negative or positive influence in their lives. They are too focused and put more efforts into anything they do in their lives to achieve desired results. Another significant strength about the internal locus of control is that people are not influenced by what others may think about them, so they are focused on changing their life and working towards achieving set goals in their lives. They are also more determined to take more action in their lives and improve any situation they come across in life. It plays a vital role in overcoming all setback one may face in life an d developing strategies to cope with life situations. Also, it ensures that people can learn from their past mistake and make changes where possible. The internal locus has some weakness that affects its performance to some extent. The flaw is that their production

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Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Report - Essay Example That the educated third world people are the target consumers for use of laptops. Finally, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this report. It gave me the chance to familiarize myself with the third world countries application of laptops, their buying powers and the benefits of Apple Inc. for production of low cost laptops for use in third world countries. Regards Name Table of content Executive summary Report Plan 1. Recipient of the Report 2. Identify the Topic of the Report 3. Identify the Purpose of the Report 4. Identify Potential Resources that will be needed for Support 5. Identify Methods to be used to Gather Information 6. Identify Criteria to be used to evaluate the Information Collected 7. Findings 8. Conclusion 9. Recommendations 10. References 11. Appendices Executive summary This report was commission by the COE of Apple Inc. together with his executive team to seek recommendations for the production of low cost laptops to be used in the wor ld countries and the collected funds to be used in the awareness of American masses on obesity health implications. This report provides an analysis and an evaluation of the prospective production of the low cost laptops by Apple Inc. and the health focus. The methods used for the collection of information include the use of questionnaires and surveys to identify the feasibility of this project. The research draws attention to the fact that there is an extensive use of laptops in the third world counties from education to working class. Low cost laptops will be a viable project in the third world countries as they have a low buying power considering the high current costs of laptops which are mostly priced at over $1000. Further investigation reveal that the money collected from the sale of the low cost laptops will be highly effective in the creation of obesity awareness in America. The report concludes that laptops are highly needed in the third world countries especially in the e ducation sector and the corporate world. Communication and the use of internet will have a high impact on the application of low cost laptops in the third world countries. It is recommended: That Apple should adopt the project of producing low cost laptops in the third world countries. That Apple should conduct a survey to identify the programs which are effectively suitable for the application of laptops. That educators in third world countries should partner with Apple to offer suitable learning experiences for the intended users. Report Plan 1. Recipient of the Report The recipient of the report will be the top management including the CEO of Apple, Inc. the plan will be presented to all those officials who have some role to play in decision making matters. 2. Identify the Topic of the Report The topic of the report will be ‘Recommendation for Production of Low Cost Laptops and Healthcare Focus’. The report will be based on two recommendations for the company. First recommendation will be to manufacture low cost laptops in order to increase the market share of the company in third-world countries. Second recommendation will be to put some efforts for reducing obesity in America, which is one of the most critical health problems and can only be dealt by creating awareness among people

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Identify the key elements which allows precedents to work in English Essay

Identify the key elements which allows precedents to work in English court - Essay Example One interesting fact about the UK judicial system is that UK does not have one unified judicial system. There are three different systems can be witnessed one for England and Wales, one system for Scotland and one system for Northern Ireland (Hart & Hart, 2012). The judicial precedent of Northern Ireland is somewhat similar to that of England and Wales but the precedent in Scotland shows a quite different system altogether. As far as the English law is concerned depending upon the type of the case whether a criminal case or a civil case the hearing is conducted in different courts. The doctrine of judicial precedent is the base for the common law system. The principle of stare decisis is the base for the system of precedent. The inner meaning of this that the lower court has to take into account and follow the decisions of the higher courts where the facts of the cases are generally same. Thus this statement supports the need of understanding the hierarchy of the courts and their inter-relationship, which will help in understanding the development of the common law (Jacob, 2012). The hierarchy of the courts is as follows: When the precedent is set by the court at the same level, it is mandatory the court is bound by the previous decision. However, this particular rule is subject to exceptions (Baker, 2000). There are various considerations that can be applied depending upon the level of the court, which will determine if the court can depart from an earlier decision of a court at the same level. This court does not generally recognize the doctrine of precedent and has the freedom to depart from its own earlier decision. But the decisions from the European Court of Justice are bound to all courts in England & Wales. The Supreme Court replaced the House of Lords on 1st October 2009. The jurisdictions of the Supreme Court are same as that of the House of Lords and the Justices of the Supreme Court will take up the

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Computer System Infomation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer System Infomation - Essay Example It is constantly upgrading its search engine. Apart from this it has constantly tried to add value to its Google search users like Google alerts, Google news. Till now Google's main raw material has been in the domain of free content, whereas the new business it is entering requires partnerships and networking for content. For doing the new business the organization will require new skills in customer service, negotiations and networking. Meeting customers' expectations and partners needs will become very important. As an organization it has been leveraging its technical skills to drive the company. As of now, as an organization, it has not been able to adequately respond to problems related to customer satisfaction. Many of its customers have suffered using their AdWords product. Some of its products have created conflict with its partners in copyrights and other Intellectual property related aspects, which have not been adequately resolved. This is an area which Google does not seem to have identified as a problem area and looked for solutions. Google has attracted a large pool of talent in the IT sector to develop innovative products for its growth. Now it needs to translate organizational needs to be met through human resources.